Music Videos

“Fountain Choir” Music Video. Diaspora. Directed by Sepehr Mashiahof. Filmed by Allyson Bace. Los Angeles. January 2020.

“Grieving Spell” Music Video. Diaspora. Directed by Sepand Mashiahof. Filmed by Hana Harada and Ricky Martyr at the Madonna Inn. San Luis Obispo. October 2018.

“Triptych” Visual Album.  Filmed by Allyson Bace.  Los Angeles. March 2018.

“Closure” Music Video. Injury. Filmed alone in my bathroom and in Eaton Canyon Falls with Shelby Bernstein.  Los Angeles. November 2017.

“Irremediable” Music Video. Injury. Filmed by Gabby Gamboa. Movements conceptualized by Lauren Geiger. Shot in my backyard. Los Angeles. January 2016.

“Moth Whispers” Music Video. Moon Bathing. Filmed by Nastya Valentine & Gabby Gamboa. Piedmont Cemetery. Oakland. February 2015.

“Crowned Fool” Music Video. Ceremonial Serenades. Filmed alone. Bedroom. Los Angeles. October 2014.

“Past Life” Music Video. Moon Bathing. Doll Operation filmed alone. Living room. San Francisco. August 2013.

Video Stories

Bizarre Times with the Bedroom Witch- Episode 4: Missing Shadow. Bedroom. Los Angeles. Filmed in Fall 2016

The Alter Shegos. Written in late 2011-2012. Bedroom. San Francisco. Filmed in Spring 2014.


Ceremonial Serenades Album Promo Video. Shot and Found Footage. Los Angeles. August 2015.

FEEDBACK FANTASY Tour Promo Video. Filmed and conceptualized with Hana Weiss (softdrink). Los Angeles. March 2015.