PAM Residency Show. PAM. Los Angeles. December 17.

flyer by Julius Smack

Wet Silk. Satan’s Anatomy. Basic Flowers. Los Angeles. August 21.

photo by Nasty Valentine

Ragana/Nasty Dilemma Tour Show. Satan’s Anatomy. Silverlake Lounge. Los Angeles. August 19.

photo by ???


Butch vs. Femme Comes to Heart of Art. Displacement Ritual. Heart of Art Gallery. Los Angeles. August 8.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.17.51 PM
photo by Laura Moraes

Think & Die Thinking Fest. Lullabies From the Womb. Billy Defrank Center. San Jose. July 11.


Mixed Feelings Show. Rebirth. pehrspace. Los Angeles. July 4


Queer Prom/Monster Ball. Waltz With the Devil/Lullabies From the Womb. Heart of Art Gallery. Los Angeles. June 6.

COOLWORLD Show. The Hermit, The Tower, The Devil. LAST Projects. May 15.


FEEDBACK FANTASY: softdrink/Bedroom Witch Tour. West/Northwest. April.

Tour Kickoff. NoHo Studios. North Hollywood. April 3.

Zami House. Santa Cruz. April 4.

San Jose Rock Shop. San Jose. April 5.

PianoFight. San Francisco. April 6.

Life Changing Ministry. Oakland. April 7.

Merlin’s Pit. Portland. April 9.

The Secret House. Olympia. April 10.

Cuddlestar Gaylactica. Seattle. April 11

Life Changing Ministry. Oakland. photo by Gabriella Gamboa