“Video Premiere: The Bedroom Witch “Grieving Spell.”‘ L.A. Record. Premiered by Chris Ziegler. October 30, 2018

“Three-Times the Charm: An Interview with the Bedroom Witch.” The Media. Interviewed by Sepand Mashiahof.  July 31, 2018

Letterboxd. Triptych Film Review.  Reviewed by Bee.  April 1, 2018

“Interview with the Bedroom Witch.” Interviewed by J Michelle Sample. June 30, 2017

“Play Like A Girl Celebrates One Year @ the Echo pt. I” Yay! LA Magazine. Photos by Chris Camargo.  June 7, 2017

“The Bedroom Witch Believes the Dancefloor Can Be a Space for Healing”. bandcamp daily. Interviewed by Bean Tupou. April 24, 2017

The Bedroom Witch Believes the Dancefloor Can Be a Space for Healing

Art and Wonder.  Issue 3: SOVNDS. Interviewed by Jane Harms. Intercopy. November 16, 2016

“Why the Arrival of Transgress Fest Is Important (And Long Overdue)”.  OC Weekly. Written by Candace Hansen. November 9, 2016

Review of My Mother Grows Plants With Her Eyes.  Scene Point Blank.  Written by Johnny Truant.  August 8, 2016

Interview on Scream Queens Radio. West Oakland. December 20, 2015.

Maximum Rocknroll Top 10s. MRR #390. November, 2015 Issue.
Review for Moonbathing. Written by Benjamin Gabriel. January, 2015

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