Cast as the misunderstood maker of the veil, the Bedroom Witch lyrically chants spells alluding to an inevitable apocalypse while embodying the creative exhaustion of isolation. Her aesthetics build on dark pop ballads, an ominous execution of chord progressions through mysterious allure and a danceable haunting that produces the nostalgic agony of Hell/Limbo theories.

The Bedroom Witch was created in Winter 2011 as an alias for Sepehr Mashiahof after a long/confusing tangent of a conversation with a friend on a street corner in Los Angeles.  The project made it’s way back up to the bay area where The Bedroom Witch was residing at the time with no direction, scattered purpose, and a cast of characters meant to exist in a 7 act video story, titled The Alter Shegos, starring the Bedroom Witch.

A completion of The Alter Shegos and several shows around the bay later, a 12 track album accompaniment of the video story was self-released in September 2014 under the name Moon Bathing.  Moon Bathing featured a collection of bedroom recordings made between late 2011 and 2013.  The songs took a campy, tongue-in-cheek approach to story telling with topics engaging with sleeping problems, public panic, and taking character advice from moths; a mix between actual feelings and experiences of the Bedroom Witch in the real world and those of the themes represented in The Alter Shegos.

The release of the second album Ceremonial Serenades (self-released in August 2015) featured 13 tracks that practiced a more personal approach in the lyrics and mood of the music.  Though fictional storytelling leaked into the prose-like cadence of Ceremonial Serenades, the content of the words mainly stemmed from experiences in the real world of the Bedroom Witch/Sepehr.  Themes such as anxiety over a bleak future, tendencies towards destructive behaviors as a result of sadness, and a willingness to self-deprecate as a source of empowerment all play major roles in the intentions of this album.  The album was mixed and mastered by Dima Zadorozhny.

The third album Injury will be released sometime in 2016 with the intention of processing + destroying trauma.